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Bosch Professional Systems

Bosch Professional Systems

We provide solutions for connected commercial vehicle driver workplaces.

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New Coach system release

Coach Infotainment series (CIs)

The Coach Infotainment series from Bosch makes next-generation infotainment available for professional use in coaches.

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Infotainment systems

State-of-the-art consumer electronics has already become an essential part of the cockpit in commercial vehicles.The GPS navigation system provides truck- or coach-optimized routes with a new level of precision and the 3D map engine is helpful for a better orientation especially in cities.

Infotainment systems

Connectivity control unit

With connectivity solutions for commercial vehicles, fleet operators can reduce their operating costs and increase their efficiency while at the same time still being able to concentrate fully on the day-to-day running of their business. The control units collect real-time data, which can be used to generate utilization and productivity profiles for the vehicles in the fleet.

Connectivity control unit

Digital vision system

Large side mirrors on commercial vehicles are an extremely important safety feature and are essential for ensuring the driver has a good rear view. But due to their size, they restrict forward visibility and result in high aerodynamic drag. The digital mirror system replaces the large side mirrors with two interior monitors and two external cameras that are mounted above the driver's cab. The aerodynamic design reduces fuel consumption by as much as two percent. At the same time, the system improves the driver’s all-around view significantly and reduces the blind spot.

Digital instrument clusters